That "On-Track" Feeling

Well, I've lost weight consistently for a few weeks now. As Irene Cara sang, "What a feeling!!"

When I started this weight loss/fitness journey for REAL again about 2 1/2 months ago, I weighed 163. Now I am at an even 160. Yay!

I was sad about my slow start until things just sort of fell into place and I started losing consistently over the last several weeks. Then one day I just kind of had an epiphany; I just somehow found "IT" again. IT is that feeling of really knowing that I can do it, and how to do it. (Is IT my mojo? hmmm).

Anyway, for the first time since I had my initial successful run of weight loss back in '04, I can FINALLY remember what it's like to be "in the zone," for lack of a better way to put it. When I was in "the zone," I lost 25 lbs. It took about one year to do that (after initially joining WeightWatchers). Then I kept it off for another year and a half (as I struggled to lose a total of 30 lbs). I guess we can call it that "on-track" feeling.

So what is that "on-track" feeling like? It's hard to describe, but it's definitely a feeling of being in control, while at the same time realizing I'm not going to perform perfectly all the time. It's about consistently making good food and exercise choices, planning ahead, and resisting high-calorie foods that aren't part of my plan (and without too much agonizing). I think that "not agonizing too much" part is key. Basically right now I've somehow got my willpower back (almost).

I remember when I was really in the zone I was able to do things like resist free donuts and candy and treats at the office (every time), or eat only one homemade cookie or very small slice of cake at parties with little effort and not too much obsessing. Lastly, and I thought this was kind of funny, when I did choose to have something like a bag of chips from the convenience store, I'd do a sort of WW-inspired trick of pouring out half the chips before I ate them. This is because a typical bag of Funyons or Ruffles or whatever is very high in calories (points), so then I could just eat half and yet still feel like I was getting a treat. Haven't done that in awhile!

By the way, the original WW tip I was modifying was one for eating out in restaurants. Since restaurants typically serve such large portions, one way to get around it is to ask for a doggy bag right when you order, so you can store away half the food before you start eating. This really helps reduce the points of a traditional entree!!! I actually never did that one as written; it's subtler (but requires more willpower), to just eat half your entree and then ask for the doggy bag.

So in the end, maybe it's just that if you want to be successful at anything, you have to act "as-if." Supposedly if you do that long enough you'll not be acting anymore and genuinely feel the way you want. With my recent (re)discovery of what it means to be "on-track" and "in the zone," I can't say it worked that way for me. I didn't try really hard to act "as if" I was in the zone; it just happened is all, mostly as a result of having supportive friends and family who kept me inspired. Talking about it definitely helps. Hence, this blog! I hope it's helping some of you out there as much as it's helping me. Ciao for now!


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